Monday, November 29, 2010

Weekend fun!

What a weekend!  I hope everyone had a wonderful THANKSGIVING!  The girls and I (and Connor) made a quick getaway to Columbus to stay with my sister-in-law and visit with my other sister-in-law who came to visit too.  We were busy but had tons of fun!  On Friday evening we had a birthday party for the birthday cousins...both turning 4 within a few weeks of  each other
(terrible pic but what can I say, they're still adorable!)

On Saturday morning, my most amazing and wonderful sisters-in-law watched Connor while the chicks and I stole away to Easton (NOTE TO SELF:  ALWAYS visit Easton during an OHIO STATE home was a GHOST TOWN!)  They had $$ to spend for Christmas and birthdays so we went to Forever 21 and across the hall, what to my wondering eyes should appear but...

AHHH, yes, H & M!  I hate shopping when I have no money :( but oh my gosh, it was fun to look!  I want one of everything, thank you!

Later in the afternoon, we made a trip to the Columbus Zoo.  (Okay, this is where I admit I'm not the biggest zoo fan in the world, but the park was decorated beautifully and the animals were very active and the kids had a great time! I would definitely do that again in the might think about it trip, but BUNDLE UP! BRRRRRR!)

The chicks at the park adorable even freezing cold!

My sis's in law with their cutie pies!

K-man on the train...what a smile!

And Connor all bundled up!

I had to include this little guy...or girl....?

He/she/it was so sweet and kept sticking his nose through the fence to see the baby.  I thought about our sweet little Jesus and how the Bible says the animals were there gathered around him.  I wonder if they knew?....

Anyway, we had a fabulous time, it just gives me a little of the Monday morning blues because it makes me miss everyone.

Last night, however, no blues at all... My Kel BO and I had a little naughty shower for Jerica (maybe not aforementioned but she has been my RIGHT HAND, and arm, and foot and eye for the last 6 years!  I always introduce her as my children's mother).  Well, anyway, she's GETTING MARRIED SATURDAY so a little ornery was needed....

Is she a doll, or what?  I love that she has such fun wherever she is and with whatever she does.  I love you Jer!
Speaking of Jerica, no one loves shoes as much as I quite like her so I'm inspired to show you these...
I found these at Kohl's on clearance while I was there shopping for Lydia.  I know, I'm awful, but they were $11!!!.  Doesn't everyone need a pair of pewter oxfords with ribbon ties for the season?  Come on , you know it was a great way to spend $11 :) 

And lastly, (you can tell it's been a while), I made a little change in my living room with the book shelf.  I should have a before picture, but I don't.  This is after I changed all the books around so you can see only the pages not the spines.  I love the effect, the whites and ivorys with less color.  Those shelves have always been a thorn in my flesh, but I think I might be happier now...

What do you think?  I think I'll take out that scalloped center decorative piece above the window.  That window is tiny and I'm thinking of sticking a bamboo roller shade on it.  I'll let you know how it turns out...

Hope your week is wonderful!



  1. good idea turning those books around!!! i would have never thought of that!

  2. YOU are the one who is a doll! Love you so much! AND....LOVE those shoes! Too cute!