Thursday, October 27, 2011

Style NOT "Lack"ing!

Do you all own one of these?
Ikea's Lack Side Table
I do.  Okay, maybe one...or two...
In my attempts to downsize I was thinking of getting rid of them, that is until I saw THIS post at Apartment Therapy!  Just look at these incredible "Lack Hacks"...
Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy
 I'm totally doing this--
Apartment Therapy
 And what a great idea for a kitchen island
Apartment Therapy
At 9.99, I think you cant' go wrong!

Do any of you have a Lack?

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Do you ALDI?


If the answer is "no", AND you're answering with a little turned up nose and snooty-faced brow, then shame on you! (Well, not really, I used to feel the same way about Aldi, but NOT ANYMORE!)

Who couldn't stand to save a buck or two...or three, or four?  I have been shopping there somewhat consistently for the past year or so.  For the last couple of months, since school started back, I've found myself abandoning my dear, sweet Aldi for more convenient choices on the end of town I find myself more often...Kroger.  Now don't get me wrong.  I love Kroger.  Heck, Kroger is like the Nordstrom of grocery stores for someone in my area, and for someone like me that loves to cook!  But, if I could just remember to get myself together every week and go to Aldi, I save so. much. money!

The lastest buy from Aldi is salt and pepper grinders (yesterday)...$1.29 a piece...that's with the sea salt and peppercorns in the grinders!  You just can't beat it! Holidays are an especially good time to go there. They have some great deals on baking stuff!

I have one friend who is afraid to go there to shop and another who swears by it!  (Friend #2 knew a manager at our local Aldi and he swears that many of the products are the same exact  products that we buy in fancy packaging.)  My favorite is when they have special buys like UNO frozen pizzas for $5!
yummo!  And, they sell random things...I bought a handheld mixer there once that's the bomb!

I will say, I haven't bought fresh meat there, but I have bought frozen chicken breast several times---not a bit of difference!  I know, I need to challenge myself and try. (Admittedly, a few things I've bought I didn't love, but hey, that's where Kroger comes in!  ANYWAY, here's a list of things I do get at ALDI and they have been consistent or even better than consistent with large chain grocery store items:

sugar: white, brown, powdered
cake mixes (for chocolate cupcakes)
pudding mix
OLIVE OIL---love Aldi's brand
Canola oil
sour cream
block cheese
cream cheese
fresh mozerella
PITA CHIPS---I mean, the best in the world!
toilet paper
paper towels
garbage bags
frozen fruit
light bulbs
bag salad
seasonal fruit/veggies
canned goods: chili beans, diced tomatoes, soups
dry pasta
PITA CHIPS---I mean, the best in the world!

I'm sure I'm forgetting something!  So here's the challenge:  Go to Aldi, see what you can do and compare your receipt!   You'll feel great. By the way, a few things to remember:

                     You will need a quarter to get a cart (no big deal, you get your quarter back when  
                     you return it!)

                     You must take your own bags (plastic, reuseable, whatever!)

                     They only take CASH and DEBIT cards.

P.S.  you can go right to the ALDI website HERE to see weekly specials, special buys, etc.

Friday, October 7, 2011


I've been thinking of my dad a lot (more than incredibly a lot, the normal amount) the last few days; just a few days from today will mark two years since he's been--gone.  I keep trying to think of a better word than gone, because he's not, not really.  Gosh, I miss his voice and his big ol' hands and his impromptu play-by-play at football games and our conversations about politics and how I could just pick up the phone and say, "Did you just see that? or him? or what he said?" I think 1000 times a day there's something that is said, happens, thought or felt that links me back to him.  Today on Pinterest, I saw this quote.  My dad said something like this to me once when I was a heartbroken teenage girl  and I've never forgotten it.  Maybe he was re-quoting, or maybe, quite possibly, he was just that wise...

I'm so glad he'll never be gone...

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Have you seen these?    
My sweet cousin Erin is getting married next year and she's using a brooch bouquet?  Isn't that a great idea? She's asking for brooches from family members or even to keep an eye out when shopping.  I love that she'll have so many great memories.  I've got to look for some of our grandmother's brooches stored away in my stuff...I have one with a picture of my brother and me on it, wonder if she'd like that one? :)