Friday, October 7, 2011


I've been thinking of my dad a lot (more than incredibly a lot, the normal amount) the last few days; just a few days from today will mark two years since he's been--gone.  I keep trying to think of a better word than gone, because he's not, not really.  Gosh, I miss his voice and his big ol' hands and his impromptu play-by-play at football games and our conversations about politics and how I could just pick up the phone and say, "Did you just see that? or him? or what he said?" I think 1000 times a day there's something that is said, happens, thought or felt that links me back to him.  Today on Pinterest, I saw this quote.  My dad said something like this to me once when I was a heartbroken teenage girl  and I've never forgotten it.  Maybe he was re-quoting, or maybe, quite possibly, he was just that wise...

I'm so glad he'll never be gone...

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  1. This one of my hubby's favorite quotes from CS Lewis! We even named our son after him. He was a incredible author and person!