Thursday, March 17, 2011


I'm so excited about my Cincinnati trip this past weekend.  Now, I know some of you "I've got an IKEA I just down the street" people, don't think IKEA is a big deal, but when you have to drive 3 hours to the closest one, you get excited!

I  found this lovely little mirror...
29.99!  The picture doesn't do it justice, but I swear it looks like something out of a little antique shop---.  I want to put it in a little hallway between my bedroom and bathroom in which I really want to do painted wallpaper
Jones design company

You can find the tutorial HERE!
My sis in law was looking for material for her house.  Most of the material at IKEA is fun and whimsical and since I've already picked out "fun" material for the window treatments in  my sunroom, I was left looking only for the material for my dining room.  I've found lots I like but it's LOTS expensive.  I had no thoughts of finding the right material until I ran upon these...

Now I know you can't tell much by the picture, but it's a sheet!  It's a dark grey and what you CAN'T  see is the lovely sheen it has!  I think with lining and a touch of black velvet ribbon trim (PS ribbon by the roll is 50% off at HL this week!)  they'll be perfect in my black and white dining room.  And the best part, I bought 4 twin flat sheets for a total of $29!  (Yeah, I know, the lining fabric will probably cost more than that, but hey, a deal is a deal!)

Of course, I bought cookies and lingenberries---if you've never eaten there, I personally think it's worth the drive for the cookies, but that's just me! Let me know if you go and what you love there!

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