Monday, March 7, 2011


So I've been MIA for awhile.  I didn't even notice how long it had been.  In my head I had posted about all the things I want to do and need to do, all the recipes I've cataloged and decorating "beginnings" that are cluttering my dining room table, but reality reared it's ugly head and reminded me that I've been too inundated with life to do much creative.  Which leads me to the wonderful teaching I heard this weekend.
A sweet Bible teacher and godly man spoke at a service on Saturday that I was privileged to attend.  He spoke words that landed deep in my spirit... being intentional about our time with Christ...allowing Him to remove the distractions that hinder us from the quiet moments with Him and keep us from that which is eternal.    Let me assure you I was only encouraged by his message. As a result, I've begun to take a little "inventory" of the things I do that really don't mean much (like canceling some of my TIVO recordings and ignoring the calls of Facebook).  I had such a sweet time sitting in my bed just chatting with the girls last night instead of watching my normal Sunday night show.  Intentional...eternal...
Speaking of time, my precious, beautiful Miss Em turns 16 tomorrow.  Writing the words brings me to the brink of weeping, but at the same time, inside, my heart stirs, knowing what a beautiful young woman she's becoming and knowing this transformation of life is truly a gift from my precious heavenly Father. 
Hoping you'll find time this week to be intentional too.

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