Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Night Comfort Food: Penne with Almond Sauce

I have a really yummy recipe to share with you. Friday nights are not usually my "stay at home and cook" nights, but it's been a crazy day and I felt like we needed a little comfort fast and easy is nice too!
The recipe is actually Giada De Laurentiis' and I've made it before, but I've made a little change or two to it.. This time I really loved it! (I've placed the recipe as a link, so to get to it just click on the blog title and it will get you right there!)

Before you make it (and I hope you do!)I'm going to tell you what I changed, then you can decide.

Remember this if you make it: when you blend the almond mixture it's difficult (at least for me) to get it really smooth and my girls didn't love the, I made the mixture then strained out the little almond grinds. It made a smooth sauce though not quite as thick so you may want to add a little rue (flour and water mixture) to thicken it. Also, save your pennies. I only used 1 rotisserie chicken and it was PLENTY!
So enjoy. We have a busy weekend in our house! Have a great one!

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