Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Silhouttes on totes and more!

Good Tuesday friends!

Martha's "Today's Craft" is the cutest silhouette tote! (I love the bird tote too, but I'm not the greatest at cross-stitching)...

Isn't that adorable?  You can find directions HERE!

Unfortunately, it reminded me of the silhouettes I want to do of my girls and still have not even attempted !  I'd like to do something like these:

 You can find out how to make these HERE
at the More Ways to Waste Time blog (don't you love that title?)
or these HERE

this one might be my fav...see how to do it  HERE.
at Restyled Home blog.

So, okay, plenty to do...bags and portraits!  Who wants to come and help?! :)

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