Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Have Shoes Will Share

Well, it finally happened!  This daughter has had a little growth spurt in the foot area and we can FINALLY SHARE SHOES!!  That's the beauty of being a 42 year-old tired, worn out mother,young stylish, energetic mom with teenage girls, you may not be able to always share clothes, but accessories are usually a shoe in!...pun intended!!

I'm currently loving these and these and especially these! Miss Em and I are sharing them now!

I'm trying to outlaw flip-flops for any more than a trip to the basement for laundry or a run to the store...

Although the rainbow of colors is quite enticing, a physical therapist friend told me they were horrible for teenage girls' and womens posture, foot health, etc.  So, hey, any excuse to buy cute flats! 

So, what are you wearing on your tootsies this summer?


  1. I went to DSW this weekend and of course thought of you! When I walked in the door, I saw these --->
    and immediately fell in love...I just don't think I can spend $45 on fancy flip flops...Perhaps I could make my own knock-off pair! ;)

  2. Oh Jerica, I love them. And yes, you CAN recreate those, I feel sure!