Friday, March 20, 2015

The Long Way Home

It has been almost exactly three years since my last post! I don't exactly know what happened to my writing and posting...well, I do.  Two beautiful, busy teenage girls, two jobs and a household seemed to move the writing down the priority list...FAR down the priority list. So, to catch up, quickly, I'll try to fill you in. Since my last post:

My oldest graduated from high school
and went to college...

my youngest graduated
and went to college...
I started running...

...and lost 50 pounds, thank God!
AND, I got the most amazing opportunity to travel to Gallito, Peru on the Amazon River to work with these precious children...


I moved to a cute little house (pictures to follow) after the gorgeous, pre-war apartment I was living in burned (can't make this stuff up). I still work as a speech/language pathologist for our local county school system, but I am now based full time at an elementary school 5 blocks from my home.  Since I'm an empty-nester now, it has been nice to become part of the neighborhood and the school "family".  
So, there is the short and short of it.  My youngest daughter, Lydia, has said, at least a dozen times in the last few months, "Mom, you need to start blogging again."  I have wanted to, but have been a little unsure of how to start.  Well, I suppose this is how to start.  Take a step, put it down and..."click".
I'm looking forward to writing about all the things I have before and hopefully, sharing new ideas and experiences and, of course, sharing joy---for today.



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