Friday, April 1, 2011

More About Prayer

I don't know why I find it fascinating...and humbling and amazing and lovely, but I do.  The whole concept of talking, just talking, to the God of the Universe, the great I AM, the very same God that holds the sun and the seas in his hand and thinks life's existence into being, who walked among us fully God yet fully man, who bore every sin, broke the chain of death victoriously...

and I can ask him to heal a friend, watch over my child, provide more, carry me, and HE DOES!

Here's what Beth Moore says about it:

     The privilege of prayer is the flagship proof that God created man to participate in His kingdom agenda and not just dangle from His fingers like a puppet.  That a sovereign God welcomes mere human beings to touch His heart and affect His work is nothing less than stunning.

"stunning".   Yes!

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