Friday, April 29, 2011

Prayer for Today

Today at Joy for Today all I can think about is the people who are suffering right here in our own amazing country. Lives have been torn apart, literally, never to be the same again.

 (Can you tell that's a Hobby Lobby in the background?  Sadly, crafting is probably the last thing on these folks' minds)

I want to believe that everyone has arms to be held in during this time.  I don't feel confident of that.  I want to be able to get in the car, go to Alabama and just hold and hug people... old people, children, everyone.  I want to but may not be able to, so, I'll do what I'm asking you to do...PRAY.

Over at Kelly's Corner blog today you can find out resources where YOU can help the people devastated by the tornadoes and also join in prayer requests of so many who are hurting in many ways.  Please click HERE and lift up others in prayer.

Call on me in times of trouble.  I will rescue you and you will honor me.  Psalm 50:15

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