Friday, September 24, 2010

Don't Be a Chicken!

Okay, so HAPPY FRIDAY!  I feel like I've worked two weeks in one and I'm sure some of you do too.  Today I'm sharing a little tip about cooking chicken.  (This, prompted by a discussion amongst girlfriends the other evening--I know what you're thinking, "Boy, Joy and her friends have exciting discussions!"  ha!  try not to be jealous :) )

My favorite way to cook chicken for use in mexican dishes or casseroles or even chicken and dumplings is to put it in the crock pot (even frozen will work), turn it on low and leave it all day.  BUT, sometimes, time just does not permit, so for quick chicken breast, cook it on top of the stove but in just a TINY bit of water.  I'm talking maybe a 1/2 inch then put the lid on.  It kind of "simmers in it's own juices" that way.  If you cover the chicken, which is what I used to do until my dear ol' mom told me otherwise years ago, the chicken absorbs the water and tends to get tough and a little stringy.  Less is definitely more in this instance!

So, have a great weekend! I'm making chicken this way myself tonight for Chimichangas, so I'll let you know how it goes!



  1. Love that tip- I did not know why sometimes it turned out tough and stringy. I have a recipe for you- a few chicken breast, can of Ro-tel tomatoes and a package of Taco seasoning-- in crock pot all day. Shred chicken and use for enchiladas, burritos, etc. It's YUMMY!

  2. Ooo, that sounds really YUMMY Laura! thanks for sharing!