Thursday, September 23, 2010


Are you a "gleek"? 
Our house was full of "gleeks" Tuesday for the season premiere of the hit TV show GLEE.  It's hard for me to allow the girls to throw a party and not add my "thematic" additions to it.  So, we had a very simple and very fun menu all from the show...

"Cheerios" snack mix

Grape and red Slushies

And "messy cupcakes" with weed (the kind of weed you get in your flower bed!)

Emily and Lydia had about 8 guests and a great time!  
I have to admit, I did love that their friends all had a blast and that the girls told me "thanks" and how "cool" I was before they went to bed that night.  (Yes, even Moms like to be "cool" sometimes!)

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