Thursday, September 9, 2010

Meatball Subs

Here's a yummy, fast and easy idea for dinner that the girls and I have recently discovered...especially great for last minute meals or even football game day!

First, start with the following ingredients:

Frozen Italian Style meatballs.  (I use the Great Value brand and they are just as good as others I've tried.)
You'll also need hoagie or steak buns, pizza sauce and sliced mozarella cheese.

Bake the meatballs as directed on the package.  I brushed the buns with a little butter and toasted them for just a couple of minutes. While everything is baking, heat the pizza sauce in a pan or microwave. Then...VOILA!  You have a yummy meatball sub your kids can even build themselves.  At our house, we had a discourse about who liked the sauce directly on the bun and who like it on the meatballs. Yes these are the things we talk about! :)   They are hot and fast and everyone in my house loves them.  You can add toppings of your choice and a side of fruit and chips and you're done!

We plan our days as if we have control over them, don't we?  I love this verse I found in 2 Samuel 10:12 spoken by Joab, a leader of David's army:  "Be of good courage and let us be courageous...and may the Lord do what seems good to Him"  Sometimes it's difficult for me to allow Him to do what seems good to HIM and not what seems good to ME!


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