Friday, October 8, 2010

Highlander Pride

The fun continues at Huntington High with Homecoming Spirit Week.  I'm still having trouble believing that I have not one, but TWO children in high school when it seems like, like yesterday, like I was totally in, like, High School! (Can you guess my year of graduation?)

We've had "Decade" day for which Emily chose the 70's and Lydia, the 80's...
Cute, don't ya think?

Today is Green and Gold day.  One of the perks of having my office at the school is getting to hang out every now and then with my girls...whether they like it or not! :)


One other thing...
So I feel as if I must share my recipe disasters as well as my successes.  I made a new "Creamy Spaghetti" recipe from one of my fav Food Network gals who will remain unnamed...Uh, hum.  I'm taking full responsibility for the dud-ness of the recipe.  I will however tell you that we made these YUMMY little treats...
We decided they are DEFINITELY a do-over.  These are called EASY ITALIAN PINWHEELS and I think you'll love them just as much as we did!

Happy Friday!!


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