Monday, October 11, 2010

My Anthro Inspired Kitchen

Kelly's Korner, a favorite blog, is featuring kitchens...since the kitchen is truly my favorite room in the house, I thought I'd share mine.

When I bought the house 3 years ago, I had dark cabinets and dark walls.  Thanks to some very talented people, I can now "see the light"!  I love everything Anthropologie and thanks to some great finds over the past few years I'm happy to have a Anthro-like kitchen.  See what you think:

This is my message center.  We have to have this in our house or we wouldn't know where to begin each day!  I found the silver dry erase board at Gabriel Brothers and copied the idea from IKEA...

There's still plenty to do...countertops, backsplash and stove...with time...
I found the chalkboard at a local home consignment store covered the flowers painted in the corners with some little trim pieces I painted gold.  I'm grateful to have some really neat things from my grandmother including the little yellow, gingham salt and pepper shakers and
these awesome canisters circa 1940-50 I think of her every day scooping out the flour and sugar to make her delicious pies and breads for her family.  Her hands were never idle, instead, always serving others. 
Hope you've enjoyed my little kitchen!


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  1. I love your kitchen! Gabriel Brothers sometimes has the best home decor stuff and the dry erase board you found is fantastic.