Monday, October 4, 2010

The Best Laid Plans...

Another football game weekend accompanied by my very first Huntington High tailgate.  I made chocolate cookies with white chocolate chips (recipe found on the back of the TOLLHOUSE white chocolate chip bag)---delish!!  My kids loved them and I think the tailgaters did too!  I also made my old standby, Roasted Potato Salad.  Everytime I make it I'm asked for the recipe and it's SO easy.  You may want to try it the next time you need a potato salad stand in:

You'll need:
1 small bag of new red potatoes (or about 10 potatoes)
olive oil
green onion
4 or so hard-boiled eggs
6-8 slices bacon, crisply cooked and chopped (I used the already cooked bacon this weekend by OSCAR MEYER and it worked wonderfully!  Great for a time saver!)

What you do:  Clean and cut a bag of new red potatoes (cut in bite-sized pieces).  Place them on a large cookie sheet sprayed with PAM.  Drizzle a little olive oil and salt and roast in the oven on 350 for about 35 minutes turning once (just flip the pieces over with a spatula about halfway through!) While the potatoes are baking, make the hard-boiled eggs, chop 3 or so green onions and cook or warm the bacon.  When the potatoes are done, mix all the ingredients together, mix in just enough mayo to hold everything together and add more salt and pepper to taste.  You can serve this warm, room temp or cold!  My brother loves it cold but I love it warm.  It's really great either way.

After the tailgate, I  had great aspirations for cooking this weekend, but they kind of went to the wayside. I had a really yummy sounding and looking chicken/pita recipe to try and had the ingredients but never quite the time or opportunity.  It worked out to be just as well though...I used the rotisserie chicken from Walmart just warmed in the oven with a little olive oil drizzled on top and simplified the pasta recipe and the kids loved it !  I made penne and  put in parmesan and marscapone (bought at Walmart as well!  Thank you Walmart for carrying specialty cheeses!)  I always think of marscapone for sweet recipes but it was so yummy and creamy in the pasta!  I don't LOVE macaroni and cheese but I must say, I LOVED this one! 

Well,  a FUN week is ahead!  Homecoming is this weekend, so spirit week begins with "Character Day".  My girls are part of a brood of teens dressed as Sesame Street Characters.  L is Zoe and E, Ernie.  Her BFF is Bert and there is an Oscar, Cookie Monster and Big Bird running around HHS somewhere!

Hope your week is fun-filled too! 
"A merry heart does good..." Psalm 17:22


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