Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Yard Sale Yummys

Okay, first of all let me say, I know I often use the word yummy for that which is inedible.  So, if you're mouth started to water or you were thinking, "what weirdo buys food at a yard sale?!", I apologize.

The Nester is having a fun little linky for Yard Sale Finds.  Now, I must admit, I'm not a HUGE yard sale-er.  I love thrift stores but this linky is ONLY for yard sales. So, I thought I'd share my few treasures from yard sales.

My Ruth Orkin picture of the American Girl in Italy.  I love her.  I feel like I know her and imagine stories about her.  I think I really just kind of daydream about her because I want to go to Italy to eat, cook and live!

I'm not sure what it is about chairs and me, but I don't think I've bought a "new" chair since before I was  married when we bought a little country table with four chairs (that was when I was in my blue and mauve phase!).  The chairs above were a local teachers' and they were her Grandmother's chairs...lots of nostalgia.   I bought all 6 of them, painted them, recovered them and have used them in my dining room for 7 years.  (they used to be covered in red toile!)  The other chair was unpainted too. It's in  my living room now.

Last but not least...I love this little treasure too.  I've hung it in a window, set it around in various places,  and am currently using it on top of an urn for a side table (however, after seeing it here, I might hang it right where I propped it for this picture!)

Hope you've enjoyed my yard sale finds.  What treasures have you found?

I'll be linking up my finds at Nesting should too!


  1. I saw that window and throught "Wow, she did not get that at a yard sale!" What a find!

  2. wow, i love the shape of that window. is it a window? i just thought it was a fun scrolly something that would be fun spraypainted. great find, and those chairs you've done are fab. popping in from the nester's party.

  3. That last window thingy is SO cool! I love it, and woulda snatched it up myself :)

    Found you from the nester!

  4. Love the last window treasure you found Stopping in from Nesters party

  5. That picture is fantastic! I will admit I have never seen that before this week. I've seen it pop up a couple times and I want one! Oooh, do you have it on a picture wall? I wanna see! Great simple chairs! I laughed when you said blue and mauve phase. I was never there but I know a gal who is still in that phase. Scary!

    Just found your blog and I'm so happy I did. I hope you don't mind if I stick around and follow you now!