Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Because of Who He Is

I got to have dinner with my amazing friend Kiki tonight.  We used to meet once a week...I can't even begin to tell you the things she's seen me through... and now we're kind of getting back on schedule after the holidays.  She's the kind of friend everybody needs (but I'm so glad she's MINE!). 

 I love that I can tell her that I hung my 'W' Christmas wreath with duct tape and we can cry and laugh all at the same time.  We can talk about toilet paper and scripture sometimes almost in the same breath! We can be real, transparent, true with each other...

ANYWAY...we were talking about everything but got specifically to our relationships with God, our Father, our Savior. We asked the question, "why do we have to wait?"  I don't know all the answers but I know in my own life I believe He waits.  He waits for me to come to that place where He is all I need and all I WANT.  Why?

                       I thought about that.  Think about what it's like when you're waiting on a friend to meet you for dinner, or for a package to be delivered. You're focus is all about your friend, or the package. You think about it, you imagine it and you revel in the joy it will bring. You wonder what it will be like when it arrives and what you'll do with it.  It is your FOCUS! 

      I don't believe He asks us to wait as some cruel joke, but to show us how much He wants for us.    What if our waiting for the Lord was like that?  It's easy to say but oh, so much more difficult to really believe and live!  I got this quote from a young friend's facebook page and she said I could share it.  So I am, with you...

God unflinchingly commits to the process of what He is doing in and through me     whether or not I realize it. 
He knows what I need. 
 He knows how I feel.
 And in His great love, He does not give in to my demands when He knows the greatness of what He has in mind instead.  He asks me to look beyond myself.  he asks me to wait for Him and His purposes in HIS TIMING because of Who He Is.


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