Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Start (Year) and thanks UTTDreaming and Tom's of Maine!

The holidays were a wonderful rest and retreat for the girls and me.  A special gift to us was the return of our little guy Connor.  His family decided NOT to move to which Miss Em replied "God answered my prayer!".  It is always my prayer that my girls see the Heart of God even when His Hand seems to be invisible at the time. 

I have decided not to exhaust myself with lists and lists of resolutions but am setting goals to lose weight and be more organized both at home, work and financially.

One "fun" goal I have is to get a new camera so I can take pictures to share with my friends and family.  Well, over the holidays, one pleasant surprise was that I WON a Target Gift card from an entry I had made on Under the Table Dreaming while she was doing a Tom's of Maine giveaway!  I am so excited!  Thanks Stephanie Lynn.  So hopefully, you all will get to see better (and more) pictures here. 

I'm excited about 2011!  There's something in even the numbers...the 1's, a new start, the beginning!  I hope you are blessed beyond measure this year too!


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