Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A new blog I LOVE and flowers for my short hair...sigh

So, I've done it...I've cut my hair--again.  And when I say "I've cut my hair again" I mean, I'VE cut my hair, a professional hair stylist has cut my hair and even my daughters have cut my hair.  Really now. There's so much more in life to be concerned about than hair, but mine consumes me...always...

Sooo, to get from point A to point B (this is what I'm going for) I need some "help" and I'm thinking some funky little hair majigs...(And, I guess I could quit cutting my hair...).

Sooo, all that said, I was looking for a flower tutorial and I got a bonus!  A flower tutorial (or two) AND an awesome new blog called Mrs Priss.  Her hair clip tutorials are awesome!
                                 Felt Flower Tutorial  

                                                               and another, fav...

                               Dainty flower hair clip

I can't wait to try both!  So hop on over to Mrs. Priss and say "hello".  She's got a great giveaway today too!



  1. Thanks so much for the shout out!

    I LOVE that cut! What's funny is that for as many flowers and clips that I make for my shop and as gifts, I hardly ever wear them because I always thought they'd be so much cuter with a sassy little style like that. Maybe I should chop mine again? AHH, I always do this, haha!

    Good luck on the dress giveaway, and thank you again! xo

  2. So love Mrs. Priss blog too! Thanks for sharing. Too cute, she is.