Friday, January 28, 2011

EASY Valentine wreath

I have a really easy and sweet tutorial for you today.  My inspiration is found in this holiday wreath:

So, I decided to adjust it for Valentine's Day! Here are the items you'll need:
wreath form
pinking shears
felt-several colors (I bought felt rectangles from HL)
hot glue/gun  (NOTE:  I'm showing pins in this picture because I thought I was going to use them instead of a glue gun...I used the glue gun and it was very easy.  The pins were kind of a pain to get through the felt.)

Step 1:  Begin by cutting strips of felt.  I used the short side of the felt rectangles and cut in strips about
1 1/2" wide:

Step 2:  Wrap the strip around the wreath (I know this is rocket science so far...stay with me here)
Step 3: Continue wrapping until wreath is covered:

Step 4:  When you've wrapped the entire wreath, adorn it with a little heart or item of your choice ( I just cut a couple of little hearts free hand, and placed them strategically over the place where the pattern didn't match up):

So there it is.  I think mine turned out pretty sweet...I think I'll give it to my sweet Granny...don't tell her! ;)

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  1. CUTE!! And how easy! I think I may have to add one of these guys to my collection of wreaths!